A few years ago, I did my best friend's wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it. Throughout the years, I have always loved the process of creating atmospheres in my home for birthdays, holidays and events that I have hosted. Recently, I have decided to jump into the wedding waters again, and I am anticipating great things to come out of this most recent creative leap. 

[Who I am as a stylist and the services I will offer is currently being composed. Check back soon to read more.]

For the moment, you are invited to peruse the gallery of my best friend's wedding in 2013.

Amanda & Henry's wedding style was a beautiful marriage of clean + modern meets Anthropologie...

Who plans a wedding in 3 weeks? Well…we did, in our very own home and on a tight budget. After picking our hot pink and grey color palette, Dawn's creative gift turned our home into the hippest wedding chapel in Atlanta. We were in awe of the creativity that came out of her with the cleverly thought out details that made our special day. It's as though our personal stylist and heaven were woven together with her gifting. One last thing…she did the majority of the styling that day before our wedding, as normal, but that day just happened to be her birthday, which she gave up for our happily ever after day. Choose Dawn. You won't be disappointed! 
Henry & Amanda
Los Angeles, CA