welcome to yellow!


What are Diffuser Loves?

We are happy for you to have happened upon yellow reformation, where the essential diffuser took it's first breath. 
What is an Essential Diffuser? 
It is a tool to diffuse your mood. We love essential oils here at Yellow, and we created a way for you to enjoy them all day everyday. Add just a drop or two of your favorite oil to one of our pieces & savor it's essence whether you are coming or going. 

Our Story

My name is Dawn Verhey, and I design and make the YELLOW things. It all started with a cuff that I saw my best friend wearing a few years back. I got inspired to learn how to make my own designs that would somehow reach beyond just “cool”, and become a vehicle to carry the glory of God. Whether it is in the truth of a single word- on a cuff or other piece, or in the beauty of a simply designed wedding, my desire is that YELLOW would bring the color of God into our mundane. Everything YELLOW does will be flavored with His presence and excellence, while connecting creativity to truth. Continue...

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